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Date     FSBO Property Address     Price
09/21/20 2825 13th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA $165,000
09/21/20 6318 Military Ave, Omaha, NE $189,270
09/21/20 2121 Diane Dr, Plano, TX $325,000
09/20/20 14380 Riva Del Lago Dr APT 503, Fort Myers, FL $330,000
09/20/20 207 Colonial Dr, Versailles, KY $648,000
09/20/20 9090 Burroughs Ct, Sherrills Ford, NC $985,000
09/20/20 32 Townsend Way, Clarksville, TN $249,900
09/20/20 1826 SE 6th Ln, Cape Coral, FL $80,000
09/19/20 5929 Booneville Rd, West Des Moines, IA $920,000
09/18/20 406 Apple Blossom Cv, Brandon, MS $259,900
09/17/20 714 Afton Park Dr, Kernersville, NC $237,000
09/14/20 104 Hilda Marie St, Vicksburg, MS $299,000
09/12/20 1137 S 8th St #8, Omaha, NE $289,400
09/09/20 641 Camelot, Moore, OK $165,000
09/09/20 5813 Woodland Ave, West Des Moines, IA $330,000
09/06/20 1325 NW 11th Ter, Cape Coral, FL $219,900
09/05/20 216 Prairie Vis, Cibolo, TX $264,999
09/03/20 5925 Gatekeeper Ln, Mint Hill, NC $430,000
09/02/20 4210 N 163rd Ave, Omaha, NE $252,000
09/02/20 6526 S 129th St, Omaha, NE $369,000
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We help "For Sale By Owner" homeowners accelerate the process of selling their home. If your home hasn't sold as fast as expected or maybe you're getting low-ball offers, we can help. If you're thinking about calling a realtor, don't hire just anyone. We have a network of top realtors in your area willing to save you money, which was your goal all along.

We believe lower commissions are the future of real estate. With technology connecting buyers and sellers, the role of a realtor has changed drastically the past 10 years. Never has it been easier to go online, list your home for free and get calls that same day!

Then why are realtors still charging 6% to sell your home? The realtors who don't adapt will soon go extinct. The modern realtor is a specialist in a given area and provides exceptional value. We can match you with this person, a top local realtor who is eager to save you money and prove their worth. To talk to one of these specialists, please register for one of our boost packages!

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner Tips

Be Prepared

The biggest investment most people will ever make is in their home. Selling such an important asset requires skill, diligence and the ability to master the following:

  • Pricing your house accurately
  • Qualifying a buyer
  • Advertising
  • Familiarizing yourself with basic real estate regulations and contracts
  • Coordinating the details of a closing

The greatest downside is the demand on your time and the legal and financial risks. Mistakes may cost you the money you're trying to save. Don't become a statistic. Facts reveal the median selling price of a home sold directly by an owner was almost 15% less than those who use a realtor. Unrepresented sellers typically put less money in their pockets and are at more liability and risk to themselves.

Pricing Your Home

Price too low and you leave thousands on the closing table. Price too high and the house just sits. You can't use the tax value because that's not market value (which is usually higher). You can't use your neighbors asking price, because their price may be off. We recommend hiring an appraiser to get an accurate value and then price your home slightly higher. The $500 spent could save you thousands.

Qualified Buyers

Don't waste time and energy with unqualified buyers; make sure they are pre-approved for the price range of your home. Can you imagine wasting 4 weeks dealing with a deadbeat while telling qualified buyers that it's already sold? It happens all the time! We can help screen buyers.


Time to get the word out! Hopefully you have taken advantage of our free FSBO listing and you have shared it out to friends and family on Facebook. Also get a free listing at Zillow and Trulia. Make sure to update these listings when you have an open house or price reduction. We can help with marketing.


In most states, the sales contract is skewed to the buyer's advantage and allows them several ways to escape the contract. The seller, on the other hand, is obligated to perform and cannot break the contract once signed and executed. Make sure to consult with an attorney before signing any contract or amendment related to your home. We can help with the legal aspects.

Contract Signing to Close

It's exciting to finally find a buyer! You will negotiate price, closing costs, title policies, survey, home warranty, earnest money, option period and more. Once signed and executed, the buyer will begin inspections over the course of a week or two. Keep in mind, the buyer can escape the contract during option for any reason: they change their mind, they discover something on the inspections or disagreements over repairs. Get past option and it should be smooth sailing! The total process from signing to close usually takes 4-6 weeks. We can help with contracts.

Let the Pros Take Over

Many people try selling on their own for a while and if the house doesn't sell within a couple of weeks, they hire a realtor. Whatever the reason, when it's time to bring in a professional, don't hire just anyone. We can match you with top local realtors who specialize in your specific price range and neighborhood.

More Questions?

Hopefully, you are now well-equipped with a few ideas and tools to sell your home faster and for a higher price. If you have any questions about the selling process, please contact us!

Report a Realtor

If a realtor won't stop harassing you, let us know and we'll make sure they stop. Please include the realtor's full name, phone number and company.